Monday, June 16, 2014

Methods of Control

Universal Precautions 

Q15. What is meant by the term Universal Precautions? 

A15. Universal Precautions is OSHA's required method of control to protect employees from exposure to all human blood and OPIM. The term, "Universal Precautions," refers to a concept of bloodborne disease control which requires that all human blood and certain human body fluids be treated as if known to be infectious for HIV, HBV or other bloodborne pathogens. 

Q16. Can Body Substance Isolation (BSI) be adopted in place of Universal Precautions? 

A16. Yes. Body Substance Isolation is a control method that defines all body fluids and substances as infectious. BSI incorporates not only the fluids and materials covered by the standard but expands coverage to include all body substances. BSI is an acceptable alternative to Universal Precautions, provided facilities utilizing BSI adhere to all other provisions of the standard.

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